15 Useful Photoshop Layer Styles Tips and Tricks

Check out these simple, but really useful, tips and tricks for dealing with Photoshop Layer Styles on

List of Tips

Tip 1: Adding and Modifying Effects
Tip 2: Disable Auto-Expanding the Effects List
Tip 3: Hiding and Showing Effects
Tip 4: Removing an Effect
Tip 5: Scaling Layer Styles
Tip 6: Adding Layer Styles to the Styles Panel
Tip 7: Saving Layer Styles
Tip 8: Loading Layer Styles
Tip 9: Layer Styles and Layer Masks
Tip 10: Opacity and Fill Values
Tip 11: Applying Blend Modes to Layer Styles
Tip 12: Stroke Emboss Effect
Tip 13: Loading Contours
Tip 14: Copying Vs. Dragging Layer Styles
Tip 15: Have Fun with Layer Styles!

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