Google+ – Font Bundles, Free Fonts, and More – Plus a Discount Code!

Fonts are often the backbone of any good design piece and sometimes it’s difficult to find that exact font which brings your design work to life.

It can also be an expensive game, with some fonts and commercial licensing costing upwards of $100 each!

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The difficulty in finding good free fonts is that sometimes they just don’t live up to expectations and quite often are only for personal use.

About not only offer a premium free font every week to their loyal fan base – with a Commercial License included, they also offer heavily discounted fonts bundled together, saving you as much as 95% off the original prices.

What’s the catch I hear you say? Well, they are only available for a limited time. Go check them out here:


Free Font of the Week

You can also check this week’s free font here.

Get Your Discount Code!

To get an exclusive 10% off your purchases, use the code TEXTUTS10 at the checkout.

Purchases and the free font of the week are licensed under their premium license which means they can be used for commercial purposes.

Some Examples


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