Sparkling Glass-Textured Text Effect


Photoshop’s Filters can be used to create nice textures easily and quickly. This tutorial will show you how to create a simple glass texture, then use it with a couple of Layer Styles to create a sparkling shiny text effect.

“Painted on Wood” Text Effect


Working with textures can add more depth, life, and uniqueness to almost any design. It’s always fun to use different textures with the many different elements to create more realistic and vivid outcomes.

This tutorial will show you a simple way of using a couple of textures to create a painted-on-wood text effect. It is inspired by the amazing work of Jérémy SCHIAVO, the PULSION CRÉATIVE project.

File Manager App Kit – PixelKit Freebie


A new freebie is available for inspiring your next design! File Manager UI kit freebie from PixelKit includes mobile screens that you can use in your application. The modern and flat look of the freebie kit would help you create your app quicker.

Simple Studded Text Effect


This is a quick tutorial that will show you how to create a studded text effect, by creating and modifying a simple brush, creating some work paths, and applying a couple of Layer Effects. You can then use the techniques to add the amazing studs to whatever you like!

Kepard Giveaway Winners


Big thanks to Kepard for the amazing giveaway, and big thanks to everyone who participated as well.