“Sports Center” Style 3D Text Effect


December 12, 2013 | Comments Off | Category: 3D, Inspired


Create a vivid “Sports Center” style 3D text effect using Photoshop and Filter Forge. Check out the tutorial on

Glittering Red and Melting Ice Text Effect


This tutorial will explain how to use multiple Layer Styles to create a velvety glossy glittering red text effect. Then, using some more Layer Styles and a simple brush, that text will be surrounded with melting ice. It’s an easy, very wintry-looking effect, that uses mainly the power of Photoshop’s Layer Styles. Let’s get started!

35 Best Free Holiday / Special Occasions Fonts

Fonts Collection

Special occasions in general are a great opportunity to create some fantastic designs. Many elements go into the process of creating those designs, but all those elements represent the occasion and reflect its spirit. And fonts are no exception to that.

This is a list of 35 of the best and most amazing holidays/special occasions/greeting cards fonts. Nicely designed, beautifully made, and free for both personal and commercial use. Enjoy!

1980s Inspired 3D Text Effect



Use Photoshop CS6′s Shape and 3D Tools to create a vintage 80s-inspired 3D text effect. Check out the tutorial on

Snowy Festive Text Effect


This tutorial will show you how to use a couple of layer styles, different brush settings, and some simple tricks to create a snowy text effect, with dazzling tinsels and shiny stars.