Some Updates!

Hello Everyone,

As you can tell, we’ve finally got a new responsive design for Textuts!

We’ve been working on the design for the last couple of months, as well as updating all the tutorials with the new elements. The design has a more flat, clean, and minimal look now, which makes it easier to navigate and display. Here’s a quick list of the main additions and changes made:

  • The website is now Responsive, which means that it can be displayed nicely on any device, without the need to scroll back and forth to see all the content.
  • A Tutorial Details section has been added to all the tutorials, and it includes the software used, its version, and the needed time to complete the tutorial – which has been requested quite often.
  • The Resources section of the tutorials has been refined, as well as the styling of the images and lists.
  • The color schemes of the links and menus across the website has been enhanced.
  • One other main addition is the FAQs page, which includes a list of the very frequently asked questions, such as loading the Contours, font size and faux bold issues, and some other helpful tips.
  • We’ve got rid of the Footer’s info – for now, and added tabbed Popular and Recent Posts lists to the Sidebar instead.

We’re still testing things out right now, so please feel free to send us any notes or suggestions you have, by leaving a comment below, or sending us an email via the Contact form. We really appreciate your feedback on any issues.

We also now have a page on Google+ where we’ll be posting updates, as well as text and type related articles, inspiration posts, and freebies. So it would be great if you can follow us on there please 😉

Hope you enjoy the new design and find it easier and better to navigate than the old one.

Thank you very much for all your support, it always means a lot 🙂


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