The Start of a New Chapter

Hi everyone!

This is a bit of a different post, but things are about to change on here, and I thought I’d update you on that.

When Textuts started back in 2010, it was just a little place I created to share my very humble work. But as time passed by, it grew in a way I never thought it would. People were commenting and sharing their work, the published tutorials were gaining recognition and getting featured in numerous articles and lists, and many opportunities were opening up through it all.. It was amazing! So Textuts turned into more than just a little space to create, share, and have fun.. It became an incredible experience and a very significant part of my journey.

It was you who turned it into that, each and every one of you, who visited the site, followed the tutorials, shared you work, were kind enough to leave absolutely wonderful comments, and supported the site in more ways than one.

Through the past two years, however, many things have changed, and I’ve gotten the chance to work with some of the best websites in the field, as well as expand my freelance work and embark on new projects and journeys.

With all of that happening, I haven’t been able to update Textuts anymore, but I kept it online for anyone who might stumble upon it someday, and maybe, hopefully, learn something new.

Recently, I have received an offer to make Textuts a member of a new, bigger family. I know that it will be in good hands, and get a chance to grow and reach new potentials, as well as make room for new things and experiences. So although it is bittersweet for me, it’s time to take this step forward, and start a new chapter.

I will no longer be in charge of Textuts, though I might still submit tutorials every once in while, but I will still be publishing tutorials on other sites, and working on new stuff.

I will also no longer be running Textuts’ social media accounts, so for now, you can find me on twitter @RoseTheGD.

I just want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making this such an exceptional experience. Textuts was such a huge deal for me, and it will always be a very special part of my journey. So thank you very much for everything, and here’s to new beginnings, and more exciting things along the way.

Best regards,

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