About the Author

Hello everyone, this is Rose :)

I’m a freelance Graphic Designer and the founder of I started using Photoshop back in 2007. After getting my Bachelor degree in Computer Graphics and Animation, I started writing text effect tutorials on, many of which got popular around the web. Apart from my text effects work, I have an experience in photo retouching and manipulation, and I design logos, flyers, and different kinds of prints as well.


- Imagine a big red apple
- and now, imagine a BIG RED apple.

In the second time, you probably have had stronger feelings about the words “big” and “red”, you might have even heard the words more clearly in your head. Text styling can definitely make a difference! It can give simple words a whole different dimension, and make them convey their meaning in a more powerful way.

The Text Effects Tutorials presented in this site are a good way to create some cool text effects, and learn a variety of techniques for using Photoshop Styles, Filters and some other related components, in order to achieve the final results.

I’ve been inspired by so many great designers’ work, and I hope my work will inspire some others, too.

You can contact me through the contact form if you’ve got any suggestions, ideas or thoughts you’d like to share.


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