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Iridescent Snake-Textured Text Effect

Use a bunch of textures, a pattern, and a couple of layer effects to

Glittering Gold Thread Text Effect

An easy way to create a glittering gold thread text effect, using a simple

One Layer Multi-Stroke Text Effect

This quick tip tutorial will show you how to use the new Photoshop Layer

Quick and Simple 3D Sticker Text Effect

Create an editable, glossy 3D sticker text effect, using smart objects and layer styles.

Photoshop CS6+ Quick Tips – Show the Filter Groups Under the Filter Menu

The Filter menu in Photoshop is the menu that lists all the filters that

Photoshop CS6 Quick Tips – Extract Images from Pattern Files

Not all pattern packs come with the original images used to create the .pat

Photoshop CS6 Quick Tips – Background Save and Auto Save

Ever taken a break while saving a big file in Photoshop, or lost hours