Photoshop CS6 Quick Tips – Extract Images from Pattern Files

Not all pattern packs come with the original images used to create the .pat file. And sometimes, you need to get the original image to modify the pattern’s colors, size, brightness, etc.

In order to extract the image from the pattern, you need to know the original size of the non-repeated image. Here is a very simple way to do that.

The Non-repeated Image Dimensions

Pick the Paint Bucket Tool, and choose Pattern in the Options bar. Then, open the Pattern Picker, and hover the mouse over the pattern you want to use. This will show the tooltip with the pattern’s original image info, including the dimensions (Width x Height) in pixels.

Photoshop CS6 Quick Tips

Create the Image, Modify It, and Redefine the Pattern

What you need to do next, is create a new document with the same dimensions of the original image.

Photoshop CS6 Quick Tips

Then, fill the document with the pattern. This is the non-repeated image. You can go ahead and save it as an image file (jpg, gif, png, etc.) if you like.

Photoshop CS6 Quick Tips

You can also perform any modifications you like, then redefine the edited image as a pattern by going to Edit -> Define Pattern, and entering a name for the pattern.

Photoshop CS6 Quick Tips

This will add the new pattern to the Pattern Picker (scroll down to find it).

Photoshop CS6 Quick Tips

The Pattern Can Be Used Anywhere

The pattern and pattern info can also be accessed through the Preset Manager (Edit -> (Presets) -> Preset Manager, then choose Patterns from the drop down menu).

The pattern will also be available in the Layer Style dialog box, and everywhere there is a pattern picker too.

Photoshop CS6 Quick Tips
Photoshop CS6 Quick Tips


Hope you found this quick, and easy, tip helpful.

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