30 Best Free Fresh Sans Serif Fonts

Sans serif fonts are widely used in design projects, whether for headlines, body texts, or typography designs. Sans serif means without “serifs” in French. Serifs are the strokes at the end of letters. Times New Roman is a classic serif font since it has easily recognizable edges to it.

Sans serif fonts usually have less line width variation than serif fonts. They are often used for heading in print rather than in the body text. Sans serif fonts are modern, minimal, and simple. Sans serif fonts are popular on the web and they are some times used for emphasis since they typically are blacker than their serif counterparts.

A crisp, high quality, and neat sans serif font can give the design a more professional look and help enhance the final outcome.

This is a list of 30 handpicked amazing, high quality, sans serif fonts, that are free for both personal and commercial use. Make sure to check them out and download the ones you like, since you’ll most probably be using them a lot soon 😉

Please feel free to leave a comment telling us which fonts you liked the most, and what other font collections you’d like to see on textuts as well.

( Please make sure to check the Freeware Terms of Use of the Freeware licensed fonts.)

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