File Manager App Kit – PixelKit Freebie

A new freebie is available for inspiring your next design! File Manager UI kit freebie from PixelKit includes mobile screens that you can use in your application. The modern and flat look of the freebie kit would help you create your app quicker.


There are literally thousands of different graphics included in PixelKit. This is one of the reasons that PixelKit can legitimately be marketed as a professional quality product. While there are UI kits on the web, the vast majority of them don’t contain enough graphics to accommodate the needs of an entire site.PixelKit has thousands.

In addition to being scalable, PixelKit UI kits are mobile ready. If you’re working as a designer in today’s market, you probably already figured out that a good deal of your money is going to come from building mobile versions of websites for clients. PixelKit allows you to do this with the same high-quality elements that you can use in regular sites.

PixelKit is compatible with 960 grids. If you have an HTML structure that you’re working with,PixelKit should work with it just fine because of this. In addition to the thousands of graphics we offer in our UI kits, we constantly add new graphics. Every month you will find something new in the library for you to experiment with, utilize on a site or keep in mind for an upcoming site.

Check out this special treat– the Free PixelKit Bootstrap UI Kits. You can download these modern HTML Bootstrap templates and use it to make your design even more functional and cool looking.

Download the Freebie


Download – 12.27 MB

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