45 Best Free Script Fonts

Fonts are an important part of almost every graphical work or project a designer does. But with thousands of fonts everywhere, finding high quality free fonts might not be easy!

So here’s a list of 45 of the best, and most beautiful, script/calligraphic/handwritten fonts. Elegant, sophisticated, and free for both personal and commercial use. Enjoy!

Those are among the most popular script fonts around the web, and you probably have seen a couple of them used somewhere in a website, a poster, or maybe a card design.

Feel free to tell us which fonts are your favorites, and if you would like to see some other font collections as well.

( Please make sure to check the Freeware Terms of Use of the Freeware licensed fonts.)

  • Sü Smith

    This is a great list of script fonts. Rochester, Sacramento and Parisienne and Marketing Script are among my faves. Mission Script and Lavenderia from Lost Type Co-Op are a couple not included in this list and wonderful too.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • textuts

      Mission Script and Lavenderia are among the best fonts indeed, but they are free for Personal Use only, that’s why they’re not included here. Maybe in a future free for personal use list though ;)

      Glad you liked the collection.

      Thanks a lot for the comment.

  • Saqib

    Thanks alot mate for a great collection of FONT :))

    • textuts

      Glad you like it!
      Thanks a bunch for the comment.

  • Peter

    Truly an amazing list. Lots of fonts I haven’t come across before. Many thanks!

    * Extra star for focusing on fonts with commercial rights!

    • textuts

      There are many quality free for commercial use fonts out there, and they can definitely come in handy for graphic designers very often. So it’s great to know you liked the collection.

      Thanks a lot for the comment, appreciate it.

  • efrat

    Thank you!
    It’s lovely!

    • textuts

      Glad you like it :)
      Thanks for the kind comment.

  • electronicstm

    Hi, amazing!

    Thanks for all fonts, downloaded all. Thank you for the info.

    • textuts

      Awesome! Glad you liked the collection :)
      Thanks a lot for the comment.

  • Razvan C

    Very good selection! I was looking for some good script fonts and now I founded them! Thanks for creating the list. Cheers

    • textuts

      Very glad you liked, and downloaded, them.
      Thank you very much for the kind comment.


  • Unaiz

    useful post, thank you very much :-)

    • textuts

      Glad you found it so.
      Thank you for the comment.

  • John

    I like this article. I recently found this site, it lets people download tons of commercial fonts for free. Just wanted to share it with you.

    • textuts

      Cool! Thanks for sharing the link and for the comment.

  • Luke

    Some beautiful choices. I think I may have found just what I’ve been looking for.

    And free? Can’t get better than that :)

    • textuts

      I know, right? :)
      Really glad you liked the fonts.

      Thanks a lot for the comment.

  • Celia

    GREAT list. Thank you!

    • textuts

      Very glad you like it.
      Thanks a lot for the comment :)

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  • Maren

    What is the font of “Fonts” in “Fonts Collection”? I’m looking for that F and can’t find it!

    • textuts

      It’s the “Easy Street” font – one of the fonts in the collection.

      Hope this helps :)

  • Sherman Hoss

    Hello textuts, thanks for sharing. these fonts look cool! I love that! Would you like to share them to my visitors? Well, I’m running a website offering more than 13000 free fonts for download, any one can download the fonts listed there. It would be great if you are willing to share your fonts to my visitors. My free fonts site is

    There are a lot more free Script fonts that any one can download:

    • textuts

      Thank you for the kind comment and for sharing your website’s link.
      Unfortunately though, I ‘m getting as “Internal Server Error” message.

      Hopefully this can be fixed soon.

      Thanks once again and good luck. :)

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  • Fazie A Hadi

    Gorgeous fonts, much appreciated!

    • Rose

      Glad you like them.
      Thanks for the comment :)

  • Marcia

    Beautiful! All of them! Very useful post

    • Rose

      That’s awesome to know!
      Thanks a lot for the kind comment :)

  • Thitsar


    • Rose

      You’re welcome! :)

  • Jaime Perez

    Thanks!, awesome compilation!

    • Rose

      Glad you like it!
      Thanks for the comment :)

  • Mursaleen Siddique

    great collection thank you for sharing :)

    Proxima Nova Font Free

  • dovelina

    French script is also amaxing and beautiful too!!!

  • cholicco

    you forgot voyage font

    • Rose

      That’s not a free font ;)

  • Sandra

    Thank you :D

    • Rose

      You’re welcome!
      Thanks for the comment :D

  • infinite
  • Rose

    Really glad you do!
    Thanks a lot for the lovely comment :)

  • Rose

    There are plenty of amazing font sites with the Calligraphy or Script categories, such as DaFont, FontSpace, Fonts2U, and many more.

    Check them out and you’ll definitely find more beautiful fonts there.

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks a lot for the comment :)