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3D Floaties Text Effect

Use Photoshop’s 3D tools and material settings, along with a couple of images, filters

Nature-Inspired Peter Pan Text Effect

Use some textures and images, along with layer styles and adjustment layers, to create

Vintage Light Bulb Sign Text Effect

Use a bulb image, with some textures and layer styles, to create a fabulous,

Double Exposure Inspired Text Effect

Use some images, blend modes, and adjustment layers, to create an easy double exposure

Realistic Lace Text Effect

Use some shapes to create a lace brush. Then, modify that brush’s settings to

Realistic Creased Text Effect Using the Displace Filter

Use the Displace filter to apply the text to a dynamic surface correctly, and

3D Chipped, Painted Wood Text Effect

Use some textures and a couple of different 3D material and light settings, as

Bubble-Wrap Text Effect

Create an easy bubble-wrap text effect, using a simple pattern and a couple of

Fabulous Mirror-Ball-Inspired Text Effect

Create a simple bump texture, and use Photoshop’s 3D tools and settings, with a