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Double Exposure Inspired Text Effect

Use some images, blend modes, and adjustment layers, to create an easy double exposure

Realistic Lace Text Effect

Use some shapes to create a lace brush. Then, modify that brush’s settings to

Realistic Creased Text Effect Using the Displace Filter

Use the Displace filter to apply the text to a dynamic surface correctly, and

3D Chipped, Painted Wood Text Effect

Use some textures and a couple of different 3D material and light settings, as

Bubble-Wrap Text Effect

Create an easy bubble-wrap text effect, using a simple pattern and a couple of

Fabulous Mirror-Ball-Inspired Text Effect

Create a simple bump texture, and use Photoshop’s 3D tools and settings, with a

Layered Floral Typography Text Effect

Use a flower stock image, with a simple text, and a couple of layer

Mystique-Inspired Text Effect

Create a text effect inspired by the unique and bold coloring and texturing of

30 Script Fonts You’ll Fall in Love With

If you want to take your design to the next levels, then you should