Photoshop CS6 Quick Tips – Show the Filter Groups Under the Filter Menu


The Filter menu in Photoshop is the menu that lists all the filters that can be used inside Photoshop. It has always had the filters sorted into groups for quick access. But in Photoshop CS6, those groups no longer appeared in the Filter menu. This quick tip will show you how to bring them back.

Photoshop CS6 Quick Tips – Extract Images from Pattern Files


Not all pattern packs come with the original images used to create the .pat file. And sometimes, you need to get the original image to modify the pattern’s colors, size, brightness, etc.

In order to extract the image from the pattern, you need to know the original size of the non-repeated image. Here is a very simple way to do that.

Photoshop CS6 Quick Tips – Background Save and Auto Save


Ever taken a break while saving a big file in Photoshop, or lost hours of work because of an unexpected crash?

Background Save and Auto Save are two new Photoshop CS6 features that enhance the saving and recovery processes. Here’s a quick look at their functionalities and settings.