Elegant Green Text Effect

In this tutorial, we will create a really simple but elegant fresh-looking text effect. We will use layer styles to give the text a metallic look, then, we’ll apply some filters to create the nice texture.

The Final Result

Tutorial Details

  • Software Used : Photoshop
  • Version : CS5 Extended
  • Time : 0:35 – 1:00


Step 1

Create a new 1024 x 768 px document. Set the Foreground color to #abd46e and the Background color to #4aa350.

Go to Filter > Render > Clouds.

Green BG step 1

Go to Filter > Artistic > Paint Daubs. Change the Brush Size to 8, and the Sharpness to 7, and choose Dark Rough from the Brush Type drop down menu.

Green BG step 2

Go to Filter > Distort > Ocean Ripple. Change the Ripple Size to 15, and the Ripple Magnitude to 12.

Green BG step 3

Once again, go to Filter > Render > Lighting Effects and type in the values below. Also, notice that the light above the Preview is modified as well. Try to get a similar result.

Green BG step 4

You should end up with something similar to this.

Green BG step 5

Create a new layer and call it Noise. Then go to Filter > Noise > Add Noise. The Amount should be something around 30%, change the Distribution to Uniform, and check the Monochromatic box.

Change the layer’s Blend Mode to Multiply, and the Opacity to 40%.

Green BG step 6

Now, we’re done with the Background.

Step 2

Create the text using the font KabaleMedium, the Size 300px, and the color #abd46e.

Green TE step 1

Double click the text layer and apply the following Layer Style:

- Drop Shadow

Just use the default values.

Green TE step 2

– Inner Glow

  • Blend Mode : Overlay
  • Color : #62993d
  • Size : 8
  • Range : 100
Green TE step 3

– Bevel and Emboss

  • Depth : 1000
  • Size : 10
  • Gloss Contour : Log
  • Shadow Mode – Color : #3e663b
Green TE step 4

– Contour

  • Contour : Round Slope
Green TE step 5

This is what you should get.

Green TE step 6

Step 3

We will choose two slightly different shades of green now. So set the Foreground color to #c8e19d and the Background color to #658f40.

Create a new layer, call it texture, then Ctrl/Cmd and click the text layer’s icon to create a selection.

Fill the selection with the Foreground color.

Green Texture step 1

Go to Filter > Render > Fibers, change the Variance to 64, and the Strength to 4.

Green Texture step 2

Go to Filter > Brush Strokes > Angled Strokes, change the Direction Balance to 100, the Stroke Length to 50, and the Sharpness to 10.

Green Texture step 3

Finally, go to Filter > Distort > Ocean Ripple, change the Ripple Size to 15, and the Ripple Magnitude to 12. Hit OK, and press Ctrl/Cmd + D to get rid of the selection.

Green Texture step 4

The last step is to change the texture layer’s Blend Mode to Soft Light.

Green Texture step 5

The texture might be simple, but it gives a really nice effect to the text. Here is the final result.

  • anderson

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    WOw excellent..!!!!!!!…..But am i not able to create it by usinng photoshop CS3?

    • textuts

      Thanks for the comment.
      Of course you can do it using Photoshop CS3, all filters and styles used are available in the CS3 version as well.

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      But Obrigada pelo comentário!

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  • Jim Neuendorf

    Very nice! So what would it take to have this in purple instead of green? I used Paint shop pro for a long time and new to Photoshop.
    Unbelievable talent.. thanks.

    • textuts

      You just need to choose two shades of purple instead of the green ones. You can just move the Color Slider to the purple area after typing the original green color code in the Color Value box. Please check the Color Picker overview for more details.
      Hope this helps!

      Thank you so much for the comment.

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