Embossed Metal Tag Text Effect


This tutorial is a quick easy one, that will show you how you can use shapes and layered Layer Styles to create a simple embossed metal tag-inspired text effect.

Curled Ribbon Text Effect


This tutorial will show you how to create a curled ribbon text effect, then decorate it with thin stripes of glitter. The curl will be created using simple shapes and gradient overlays, and then, it will be placed all over the text using some techniques and tips and tricks. After that, the glitter stripes will be created and styled, and finally, you’ll learn how to change the color of the final result as you like.

Create an Elegant 3D Text Effect in Photoshop CS6



Create an elegant royal text effect using Photoshop CS6′s 3D capabilities. Check out the tutorial on Medialoot.

Striped Fuzzy Text Effect


If you’re a fan of the fuzzy/fluffy stuff, you’ll like this text effect. It is a really simple one, created using Photoshop’s Layer Styles, brushes, and Filters. You can use any color you like for the stripes, and even create them in different sizes. The techniques are pretty easy, but they give a nice, almost realistic, result.

Type Tool in Photoshop CS6+ – The Type Menu

Type Tool in Photoshop CS6

The Type menu is a new main menu command introduced in Photoshop CS6. It contains Type-related options that can also be found in the Options bar and the Character and Paragraph panels, and a couple of other options that have been moved out from the Layer > Type menu in previous PS versions. Here’s a look at what those options do.