Textured Text Effect

This tutorial will use basic Layer Styles and apply two filters to create a texture for a nice text effect.

The Final Result

Tutorial Details

  • Software Used : Photoshop
  • Version : CS3
  • Time : 0:30 – 0:45


Step 1

Create a new 1024 x 768 px document, and fill the background with a dark color. Then, type the text using the font Typodermic, the Size 150 px, and the color #362f2d.

simplicity step 1

Step 2

Double click the text layer to apply the following Layer Style:

– Drop Shadow

  • Spread : 5
  • Size : 6
  • Contour : Cone – Inverted
simplicity step 2

– Inner Shadow

  • Blend Mode : Screen
  • Color : #aeff00
simplicity step 3

– Inner Glow

  • Color : #baf564
  • Choke : 15
  • Size : 16
simplicity step 4

– Bevel and Emboss

  • Shadow Mode : Overlay
  • Color : #acd373
simplicity step 5

– Gradient Overlay

  • Blend Mode : Pin Light
  • Click the Gradient box to create the gradient

Create the gradient using the colors #79a933 to the left and #dcf0bf to the right.

simplicity step 6

This will give the text a nice bright effect.

simplicity step 7

Step 3

Ctrl/Cmd + click the text layer’s thumbnail to create a selection.

simplicity step 8

Create a new layer on top of the text layer and call it Texture, and set the Foreground and Background colors to Black and White.

simplicity step 9

Step 4

Select the Paint Bucket Tool, and change the Fill Type in the Options bar to Pattern. Choose the Clouds pattern, and fill the selection with it. Then go to Select > Deselect to get rid of the selection.

simplicity step 10

– Go to Filter > Sketch > Chrome. Change the Detail value to 0, and the Smoothness to 10.

simplicity step 11
simplicity step 12

– Go to Filter > Sketch > Halftone Pattern. Change the Size to 1, the Contrast to 5, and the Pattern Type to Dot.

simplicity step 13
simplicity step 14

Step 7

Finally, change the Texture layer’s Blend Mode to Overlay, and the Opacity to 45%, or whatever you think looks good.

simplicity step 15

That’s it!

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