Shiny Text Effect

In this tutorial, we are going to create a shiny text effect, using layer styles and some blurring filters. It is a simple tutorial, but the result is pretty much awesome.

The Final Result

Tutorial Details

  • Software Used : Photoshop
  • Version : CS3
  • Time : 0:30 – 0:45


Step 1
Create a new 1024 x 768 px document. Set the Foreground color to #c8a445 and the Background color to #534215. Choose the Foreground to Background, Radial Gradient, and click and drag from the center of the document to one of the corners to create the gradient.

You can then use the Levels or Hue/Saturation options to get a brighter or more vibrant Background.

(You can as well add some sparkles using a soft round brush, then apply some glow effects to it.)

shine step 0

Step 2

Create the text using the font Signika, the Size is 400 pt, and the color is #d5b900.

Also, the Tracking value is set to -50, and the Horizontal Scale value is set to 90%, to make the text look narrower and more condensed.

shine step 1

Step 3

Double click the text layer to apply the following Layer Style. You might need to adjust or change the values if the size of your text is much bigger or much smaller than the one in the tutorial.

– Drop Shadow

  • Color : #928505
shine step 2

– Inner Shadow

  • Blend Mode : Overlay
  • Color : #f0ebc5
  • Contour : Half Round
shine step 3

– Bevel and Emboss

  • Size : 9
  • Soften : 3
  • Gloss Contour : Notched Slope – Rounded
  • Shadow Mode – Color : #d5b900
shine step 4

– Satin

  • Blend Mode : Screen
  • Color : #f5ca2d
  • Contour : Cove – Deep
shine step 5

– Gradient Overlay

  • Blend Mode : Soft Light
  • Click the Gradient box to create the gradient

Create the gradient using the colors #952e2f to the left and #ffffff to the right.

shine step 6

This will create a nice glossy effect.

shine step 7

Step 4

Ctrl/Cmd + click the text layer’s thumbnail to create a selection.

shine step 8

Go to Select > Modify > Expand, and type in 6.

shine step 9

This will expand the selection 6 px outwards.

shine step 10

Step 5
Create a new layer below the text layer, and rename it to Light, then change its Blend Mode to Vivid Light.

shine step 11

Fill the selection with the color #f0ebc5. Then, go to Select > Deselect to get rid of the selection.

shine step 12

Step 6

Go to Filter > Blur > Motion Blur to apply a vertical motion blur. Change the Angle to 90, and the Distance to 20.

shine step 13

Go back to Filter > Blur > Motion Blur, but this time apply a horizontal motion blur, so just change the Angle value to 0.

shine step 14

Finally, go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur, and type 5 for the Radius value.

shine step 15

And that’s it, we’re done!
Hope you had fun creating your “Shiny” text!

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