Create an Illuminated Text Effect in Photoshop


March 5, 2014 | Comments Off | Category: Inspired, Simple


Create a text effect that is illuminated with tracks of small lights using several Photoshop tools including vector shapes, brushes, Layer Styles, and Adjustment Layers. Check out the tutorial on

Giveaway – 3 Premium VPNServices Accounts from Kepard


We are glad to announce another “Three Premium VPNServices Accounts” giveaway in collaboration with Kepard.

Dripping Honey on Toast Text Effect


What’s better than honey and toast? Well, honey on toast ;) ! This tutorial will show you a simple way of modifying a toast stock photo, and using a couple of Layer Styles with some useful tricks, to create a golden syrupy honey-on-toast inspired text effect.

Dot-Cutout Paper Text Effect


February 23, 2014 | Comments Off | Category: Inspired, Simple


Create a colorful dot-cutout paper text effect in Photoshop. Check out the tutorial on

120+ Best Free Floral Patterns


Floral patterns can be used in many different kinds of designs, such as backgrounds, icons, cards, and many more. They add a simple yet fresh look, and can help make the final result more lively.

Here is a list of 120+ of the best beautiful and elegant, free for both personal and commercial use, floral patterns. Enjoy!